Alex McPadden|Front-End Web Developer


Hello! My name's Alex, I'm a new Front-End Web developer/Programmer. I enjoy making websites and learning new things about technology/programing. I've been learning how to make websites through,,, Youtube, and by looking at other peoples code from Github, Codepen, and Stackoverflow. I've been spending atleast 5-8 hours a day practicing and learning code, and making websites. Even if it's a simple blog, or a very basic website. Every Website I make is getting better and better. The code it's self is looking even better as well. I do have a lot more to learn, but in this field of work I'll never stop learning something new. That's what keeps me hooked to this line of work. Here's a list of languages I've been learning over the last year/year and a half.


Learn How To Play Guitar

Learn To Play Guitar

A Basic Band Website

Band Websites

Contractors Website

Construction Website

How to Website

How to build a basic website



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